Herb Swaps

Saving and Sharing Herb Seed and Plants.


None planned at the moment. Let us know if you want one!
We generally have casual seed and plant swaps. Bring some, take some, donate some to the project – whatever you like!

Tree seedlings and saplings

Someone has recently (May 2016) contacted Lynn, looking for tree sapling swaps. He’s looking for Magnolia, Gingko and others. If you have any tree saplings or seedlings to give away or swap please let me know. We have woodland seedlings mainly oak, hawthorn and Yew at the moment. These are at the orchards. If interested let me know.


Currently available seedmixes.

We save and share seed! All of the seed which we purchase/use/donate/sell are pollinator friendly to the best of our knowledge. Most are also for edible or medicinal plants but some may not be. We currently have about 50 types of biodynamic organic herb seed in stock and many packets of street-collected herb seeds. We use it to grow plants for streets, schools and community gardens but we are happy to share if you need some. If looking for something specific please let us know, otherwise these seedmixes may be useful to you:

Current seed mixes:

1. Sunny Streets Mix. Collected by several ROH volunteers in early autumn 2014, for distribution throughout the city. A mixture of edible and insect freindly herb seed. Suitable for sunny treepits, geveltuinen, gardens and plant pots.
Suggested donations for bag of seed – €2 or swap (for an evergreen or perennial herb plant).

2. De Bolster Pollinator Mix. Organic, biodynamic. A lovely, popular seedmix to create a colourful wildlife haven along roadsides, gardens, canal paths, playgrounds etc. We buy this by the Kg and are happy to share for donations or swaps.

Please contact riverofherbs@gmail.com to order seed packets and arrange donation or swaps.

We sometimes organise seedswaps at festivals and other public events. Contact us for details.

Got extra plants / seeds?

If you’d like to list your spare herb seed and plants on this page, simply add a comment below. Add as much as you can from the following list:

  • Plant name (e.g. Pot Marigold)
  • Latin name (e.g. Calendula officinalis)
  • Source (e.g. my plants)
  • Growing location (e.g. sun/semi shade)
  • Your location (e.g. East Amsterdam)
  • Post or meet? (e.g. meet in East or will post)
  • Anything else? (e.g. They self-seed really well and taste great in salads and soup!)
  • Give or swap? (e.g. Happy to give to a good home or swap for other seeds)

Wormwood plug plants to swap