Elders – RoH Trainers

These green-fingered people periodically offer free RoH training courses. They have all completed the River of Herbs training course, planned, planted and maintain urban herb meadows and use the River of Herbs materials to provide courses. As you will see, several of our Elders also work on other major green projects.

To contact them, please email riverofherbs@gmail.com or click on the direct links.

Lynn Shore
Began this project in 2012 by planting treepits with herbs, growing edible tree saplings for local parks and teaching others how to do it. She is chairwoman of River of Herbs and runs Urbanherbology.org. Lynn is passionate about encouraging safe, sustainable urban foraging and food sovereignty. She runs regular walks and talks on these subjects and offers an online apprenticeship course in Amsterdam. Lynn is a horticultural therapist, local school teacher and originates from the UK west country. In this local TV clip, she explains our Orchard Project. Lynn coordinates all RoH activities and is easiest to contact on Mondays and Wednesdays. riverofherbs@gmail.com or 0627596930

Ann Doherty
Was born in Boston but has lived in Amsterdam since 1992. She worked within the global environmental movement (A SEED and Friends of the Earth International) until 2011, at which point her fantasies of full-time farming could no longer be repressed. Over the past two years she has been studying urban agriculture (Warmonderhof and University of Guelph) and apprenticing with Lynn Shore. She coordinates the Amsterdam work of Cityplot, and loves teaching people around the city to grow their own vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. She has helped to set up tributaries of the River of Herbs on her rooftop and in Cityplot’s educational garden in the Westerpark.

Val Turner
Has been growing things since she was a young girl, helping on her dad’s allotment. After moving to Amsterdam, she trained as a gardener and has spent many years growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Val works with sustainable systems based on Biodynamics. At present she’s teaching both English and vegetable growing, in and around Amsterdam. Val’s website is knowyouronions.org.

Susan Pulley
Ayurvedic Practitioner with a passion for medicinal herbs and urban gardening. Originally from the US, Susan teaches Ayurveda and has a wellness clinic in central Amsterdam. She helps people improve their health naturally through nutrition, herbs, warm oil treatments and workshops. In her free time she works with urban farm and herb projects such as City Plot and Urban Herbology. It’s her dream to begin a countryside wellness center and herbal garden in addition to her practice in the central Amsterdam.

Madelon Oostwoud
E-concerned mother of two, wife and mini-garden-owner, all-time-composter, author of three hobby-books, one of which on birdhouses, part-time personal assistant and entrepreneur in green holiday houses and interior design. Madelon offers composting and bug hotel workshops for River of Herbs.

Suzanne Oommen
Grew up surrounded by the intensive cultivation practiced in Kerala kitchen gardens,  soaking in the interdependencies inherent in holistic, organic agriculture. She later studied art and design in Bombay, worked in publishing in Dubai and marketing in Toronto before finding her calling again by growing vegetables in the backyard, learning about composting and working in the city’s farmer’s markets . In Amsterdam, Suzanne has been developing her interest in wild local plants and working with the urban-farming collective Cityplot, where she breeds red wriggler worms and gives workshops in growing your own food.

Carol Poye
Has extensive experience of guerilla gardening and is responsible for some amazing green projects in Amsterdam. Carol is not running RoH courses at the moment but is happy to be contacted for advice and regarding the secret gardens of Westerpark. Carol helps run Beecare Amsterdam and is business director of the Blind Painters. She is part of the RoH team who transformed Parimariboplein in 2015 and makes our beautiful signs.

Sylvia Wozniak
Is an artist who works with plants and textiles to create beautiful gardens and naturally dyed creations. She is a permaculturist who followed the 2013 River of Herbs course. We visited one of her Kleur Kruid Tuin projects during the 2013 course. Sylvia is based in Betondorp and has beautiful, sustainable, colourful projects around the city. She is currently working on a Stinging Nettle project.

Lynne Dunstan
Is a mother of two, originally from rural Wales, who moved to the Netherlands via Australia, in 1993.  Lynne was a newcomer to the wonderful world of plants and urban herbs. She has helped transform dozens of tree pits on Ijburg and is following an Urban Herbology apprenticeship with Lynn Shore. Lynne Dunstan is happy to share experiences and enthusiasm, and help those interested in making the area around IJburg green and beautiful!

Elodie den Otter
From a very young age, Elodie has had a keen interest in nature – especially animals, herbs and other plants. She joined RoH not only because she thinks it is a marvelous and inspiring idea, but also to meet kindred spirits and to make Amsterdam a greener and more pollinator-freindly city. The three geveltuinen she adopted, have been a great succes. The plants have brought her neighbours closer together and the street looks more attractive. It has also inspired other people to do the same. Elodie is happy to help others with the project. Elodie is treasurer of RoH and works on our Volksbond project.

Dana Marin
Spent much of her childhood in the Romanian countryside, learning how to grow herbs and vegetables from her grandparents and routinely harvesting medicinal herbs from the fields in summer and autumn. Herbal teas, ointments and syrups were used for different diseases and for maintaining health. Later, Dana studied Sociology and Ethnology and now works in Market Research. She moved to Amsterdam in 2010, runs two blogs and has rediscovered her passion for plants. Dana plants tree pits in her street, a herb and flower garden on her balcony and enjoys some guerilla gardening here and there! She is also involved with the Julianaplein gardening club.

Tayfun Yalcin
Practising Permaculture Designer, his website is www.towardsnature.net.  Tayfun believes, a better world comes with the transformation and participation of the individual. “By supporting River of Herbs org. I’m part of a meaningfull transformation.” Tayfun is part of the RoH team who transformed Parimariboplein in 2015.

Aurel Chaul Pelleg
47 years of this life’s experience brought me to the following guideline: is what I’m about to do going to promote happiness, joy and fulfillment in this world I’m part of?  If everybody starts doing the same will it still be so? If the answer is “Yes” I will do it. So let’s do some serious green stuff . Aurel he is part of the RoH team who transformed Parimariboplein in 2015.

Iris de Voogd
Iris wroet in de aarde, verft met bladeren en praat met planten. Ze heeft drie kinderen en is samen met buren de gemeenschapstuin Sweetgrass in de Polder in Diemen gestart.
Iris loves putting her hands in the soil, paints with leaves and talks to plants. She has three children and recentlly started Sweetgrass in de Polder community garden in Diemen with a few neighbours.