People – Plants – Wildlife


Lynn Shore set up this project in 2012, in reaction to all the people who wanted to learn about urban foraging from her.

“Better to teach how to grow, care for and use the plants, rather than only to pick and eat them!”

She began teaching Amsterdam locals how to grow Elder trees from cuttings, so there would be more to forage flowers and berries from. The project has grown substantially from there.

River of Herbs offers:

  • Training courses
  • Workshops
  • Collaboration with local government and other green groups
  • Horticultural Therapy
  • Advice
  • Learning spaces

The project was initially inspired by UK River of Flowers which creates urban pollinator friendly corridors. A great idea but Lynn felt that by using edible and medicinal herbs, we could take things a step further and help increase community cohesion, urban food sovereignty and wildlife populations. The three belong together – People – Plants – Wildlife!

“Amsterdam is rich in plant species and many residents enjoy planting tree pits, tiny pavement gardens and other strips of neglected land. If only more of (all of!) the plants used could be edible or medicinal and that more urban gardeners knew how to harvest and use some of those amazing plants.”

River of Herbs helps people:

  • Identify and prepare unused spaces, however small, for growing useful perennial, biennial and annual herbs.
  • Sow suitable herb seeds and plant cuttings, roots etc. in these places. Suitable for the location, insects and food or medicine.
  • Tend the developing Urban Herb Meadows.
  • Map the locations
  • When ready, harvest some of the herbs without compromising their usefulness to wildlife such as pollinators, amphibians, birds and mammals.
  • Learn and teach others how to use these herbs.
  • Work together to make more and better Urban Herb Meadows.
  • Create urban wildlife and food security corridors.


Many River of Herbs volunteers have completed the training course. We have planned, planted and maintained urban herb gardens across Amsterdam and beyond! We have adopted a few large spaces which are great for teaching, meeting and wildlife watching.

“We love helping people, plants and wildlife to grow!”

River of Herbs
We work all over the place and have a long term aim of creating an impressive and effective corridor of edible and medicinal, wildlife friendly herbs, running through Amsterdam and other towns and cities. Step by step, it is coming.

This is a non profit organization
River of Herbs is now a registered vereniging (association), KvK nummer 58870458.
We welcome direct funding from our members and supporters .  Costs are kept to a minimum but the project does need funding to do as much work as possible. If you can help please let us know.

“We are interested in helping to make the city a more beautiful place whilst increasing available food and shelter for wildlife and useful herbs for people.”

Initiator (voorzitter) – Lynn Shore
Treasurer (penningmeester) – Youko Reimer
Secretary (secretaris) – Elodie den Otter- van Uden
Trainers – see this link

Want to get involved?
Please contact Lynn: riverofherbs@gmail.com