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We are getting a spiralling number of enquiries about the River of Herbs these days so it’s a perfect time to set up some teams of willing and talented people to focus on particular areas.
The areas we urgently need teams for are:
  • Education (improving and translating the training course and workshops, certificates, getting accreditation, links with training organisations, recording who does what course for future references/certificates)
  • Schools (helping schools, colleges, universities get involved, coordinating workshops/courses/worms/bug hotels etc by volunteers with goedgedragverklaringen)
  • Finance (seeking out and applying for grants/subsidies/prizes/sponsorship etc)
  • Social (Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, unemployed, returners to job market.. Contacting and liaison with related organisations, coordinating courses, workshops and support)
  • Buurt Projects (Coordination of which project needs what support and involvement, courses, workshops, seed packets, liaison with companies and stadsdeel etc as required)
  • Volunteers (Updating mailing list, sending updates to volunteers and directing offers of help to the different RoH teams to link offers with needs)
  • Green Partnerships (Communicating what we will offer for free, what we won’t offer, what can be gained and what we request in return, to involved or propective partners)
  • Stadsdeel/Gemeente liaison (Seeking out council projects along route, contacting project managers and DRO to forge links and influence planning, planting schemes and turn council projects into RoH training opportunities and herbal locations)
  • Community Food Forests/Orchards (Turning existing public and private orchards into herbal food forests. Collaboration with DRO, Stadsdelen, businesses and coordinating volunteers. Encouraging sustained community action).
  • Marketing (Writing or arranging articles, press releases, publicising, social media etc)

If you are interested in volunteering some time and enthusiasm to one or more of these teams then please contact us straight away! Email riverofherbs@gmail.com

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