Herb Pot Ideas

Some herb planters from Lynn’s home:

The herb tower, planted a few weeks ago. The herbs in this are doing very well compared to their cousins in my other roof top planters. The tower arrangement makes a lot of moist soil available to the roots and it shelters the soil from drying winds whilst the plants have little competition from weeds. It holds Yarrow, Strawberry, Wormwood, Edible Sedum reflexum, Lady’s Mantle and Strawberry mint.


And a Strawberry pot, with moss mulched holes and a Chives colony on the top. The strawberries don’t do well in this pot but they do make babies every year, which I move around to other pots and tree pits.


And a great plant to grow in a pot. Although it loves damp places, this one has thrived in a planter for years and has yielded many offshoots. This is Valerian.

Valerian officinalis on Lynn's roof

Here are the planters on the kitchen balcony…


They house Horseradish, Hollyhock (seedlings destined for the streets), Peppermint, Primula, Passionflower, Chinese Lanterns, Ivy and Elder babies (destined for hedgerows in town).


And this little collect contains Chocolate mint, Nasturtium, Salad Burnet, Chinese lanterns and an Italian salad called Salsola.

The balcony only gets direct sunlight in the morning and is quite windy. Many plants won’t thrive there but the perennials planted here do just fine and survive the winters to bounce back and give tasty and useful leaves for a large part of the year.

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